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The sexual peversion of our society

Gay is okay. At least that’s what they say. For not too long ago homosexuality was considered to be a mental dicease until it all of a sudden, out of the blue was concidered to be okay. Now we have all these gay-pride festivals with naked men and women dancind around with signs saying “PROUD TO BE GAY” and displaying  pornographic images. It’s insane. You can probably guess who is behind it. They had “proof” that it occured in nature, that it wasn’t something absurd, and that two male dogs could hump eachother or two male dolphins could have oral sex and therefor it should be concidered natural.

Well, you can’t compare animals to humans in that way, and you can definately not say that two dogs of the same sex humping eachother is homosexuality. When two males are “having sex”, that’s just a way of one of the males to tell the other male that he’s the one that is in charge and to remind him that it should be that way as well. It’s a sign of being dominant. In nature, that is. And this never occurs between two females.

Another “argument” for why it is okay to be gay is that in the ancient Rome, homosexuality was something that occured all the time and that everyone accepted that and if it was okay then, why shouldn’t it be now? Well, you know what. There were no “homosexuality” back then either. There were this sick men, often jews and some gentiles, who took these young boys home to have sex with. More known as pedophilia.

So now when I’ve talked about this I hope that we’re on the same page. Homosexuality isn’t natural. It’s pure propaganda. There’s more gay people than it has ever been before, ever since it was decided that gay is okay. And it’s increasing by each year! No, it’s not because “I was afraid to talk about it before” or some propaganda like that. It’s because of the propaganda that more people goes gay.

I’m not denying that there is people that actually are homosexual. I think there are. But I think that it’s a mental disorder just like pedophilia or necrophilia and so on. You want to know why I think so? Well, because man and woman are created for eachother, and everything that diverge from how we are designed isn’t normal. Don’t you agree?

It wouldn’t surprise me abit if soon pedophilia is going to be considered okay. And everything else for that matter. In fact, I was talking to this guy the other day, a total brainwashed idiot, who acutally said this to me;

“I think it’s okay to be a pedophile as long as you don’t rape children. As long as it stays in your head, everything is okay!”

And I replied; “You really think it’s okay if a man is watching your daughter and thinking about doing perverse things to her allthough he isn’t going to do it? Do you think this is normal? Don’t you understand that there is something wrong with the person who has these thoughts?”

And he answered; “You can’t control what a person is thinking right? And also, pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that man can’t do anything about it.”

I didn’t know what to answer to that. It’s just absurd. Pedophilia isn’t normal, it’s not a sexual orientation. That’s not how we were created, same with homosexuality. If this is what people in general are thinking then we seriously need to do something about it. The jews has influenced us with their propaganda that everything is okay and that you should be too tolerant for your own good.

It is these nihilist ideas that is tearing our society apart. Nihilists are people questioning the obvious, like for example, what if a friend of mine were about to commit suicide, and I said to the nihilist;

Oh no! My friend is about to commit suicide! Please help me prevent her/him from doing it!”,

the nihilist would answer; “Why? Everyone decides over their own lives, why should I prevent this person from doing something he/she wants to do? Why is it so wrong commiting suicide? What is good and what is evil?”

You see my point? White people in general are so brainwashed that what should be concidered absolute absurd instantly, isn’t. We need to wake people up!

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Party-princess or feminist?

I hate to admit it, but jews are quite clever. That’s why they are such a big threat to us. They made todays women go clubbing, having sex with randoms, getting drunk and acting slutty. They made white women into whores. Isn’t that just awful? Doesn’t it make you want to break that giant nose of theirs or put poison in their jewish food or just simply shoot them in the head?

Now here’s why they’re smart.. Of course all women doesn’t want to be slutty, some women have pride and doesn’t want to be disparaged, if that were the case then I wouldn’t sit here today. So the jews simply created an opposition to this, called feminism, which is also destructive. So now we have the sluts and the feminists and nothing in between. And the jews control both of these things. Either you are a feminist or you are a “party-princess”.

That is why I find it very important to reach out to women as well. To make them aware of that you actually can have something else than any of these destructive views. That there is something else. And that’s where I am today, I don’t really have a name for it exept for common sense. And when you make women realize this, they will feel that they belong to something, and not like an outsider for not wanting to be a feminist or a drunk partygirl. To have something that you belong to is very precious, and something that you need. To convert women to nationalism might sound like an enourmous task but just look at me. Smart women will realize if you tell them about this, and if they don’t then that’s just a proof that they don’t have the braincapasity that it takes to realize what is common sense and what is bullshit.

Also, I believe that women doesn’t really have the same instinct to protect. Men are more likely to realize what is wrong and what is right in this world and to know what to do about it and to feel this obligation to our people than women. Women are not made to protect, that’s what men are for, women are made for raising her children amongst many other things.

An example of this is, if the father of the family are a brainwashed idiot wanting more feminism and more immigration then the mother is more likely to think the same way no matter what her grown-up reasonable children tells her. If the father however changes his view and realize that this society is wrong, then the mother will change her view on things as well. The man has the leading role in the family.

Now women, can you honestly say that you would nowadays be a nationalist anti-feminist if a man hadn’t spoken to you about the issues in this society and made you realize these things?

This might be tough to hear but it’s true. It doesn’t make women any lesser intelligent that men, that’s just how we are created. But once we’re on the right side, we will stay there.

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“It hurts giving birth!”

Today, I opened the newspaper and I read this horrible article about a woman that wanted to sterilize herself.

“..and I’m sure that I don’t want any kids in the future. It’s not that I have anything against children, it’s just that the thought of having my own kids pretty much disgust me. I dont know why. I’ve been getting alot of these comments like ‘Why? Maybe you will change your mind about it in the future!” or “I was thinking the exact same thing in your age, but now I’m married with four children and I couldn’t be more happy!”. Well you know what, I know that i dont want kids in the future. I just know it. I’m sure I wont change my mind about this.”

Of course, this woman was white. And of course just another victim of propaganda. This article scared me, so I went to their websites to read the article again and see if it had got any comments. And it had. This is one of them;

“I sterilized myself the October 23, and I couldn’t be any happier about my choice! I’m 32 years old, and I know that if this is what you want to do, then you definately should do it! Good luck!”


There were other comments that said pretty much the same things as the comment above and I was so shocked that I felt that I just had to write about this. Propaganda like “It hurts giving birth”, or “Children are so much of a trouble, if you want children you will have to throw away your career and be tied up to your home for the rest of your life” is absolutely devastating to hear. Females of all species has been giving birth for as long as it has existed. Giving birth is nothing unusual. Giving birth might hurt but hey, your mother did it! Your grandmother did it! It is nothing weird about giving birth! It’s the meaning of life!

At the same time you see this tvshows about how good life can be without children, that you can still be happy without a family. Well, you know what. All that is just bullshit. To reproduce is the strongest instinct we have, and it is the meaning of your life, no matter how you twist it and try to look at it through a different perspective. The meaning of your life is to pass on your genes through your children, which is the result of you. A mini-you. Doesn’t that sound remarkable?

I haven’t got any children yet. But I will eventually, and I will have lots of them. Because this is the meaning of my life, and also I want the white race to live on. If an african mother can raise eight children on her own, then I can do it as well. Of course, I haven’t decided how many children I want, it was just an example.You must pass this information on to your friends, wife, girlfriend. They must learn that having children is a gift.

You can create a life, that is truly a miracle! Women out there must learn that there is nothing wrong, nothing absurd and nothing that ruins your life by having children. Having children is the beginning of your life.

Don’t fall for the jewish bullshit propaganda! Again, it is just designed to destroy us.

And you know what? The woman who wrote that article in the newspaper is only 27 years old….

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Video promoting racemixing in Sweden!

I just recently got a tip from another nationalist about this video promoting racemixing in Sweden. The lyrics are just shocking!! I will put the lyrics below the clip so you can understand what they are singing. When I have the time I will put the lyrics into the video instead and upload it here myself. The song is made by a group of comedians, but, is this really entertaining? I don’t think so, perhaps for the jews, but not for us.


“Blanda upp” (Time to mix) by Grotesco

If you have trouble with the integration
I have a little tip for you

To my sisters with blonde hair
Grab a black man between you thighs and just..
ooooohhhh time to mix, time to mix, time to mix.

I say, hey latina it is a new phase
back up humma humma nazi-Lars and just..
oooh, he’s entranced
the whole night he’s going bang (or something)
oooh it’s time to mix, extasy yes we’re going to mix. we just..
ooooh it’s time to mix, time to mix, time to mix. we just..
ooooh it’s time to mix, whole sweden now its time to mix
ooooh it’s time to mix, time to mix, time to mix

You want peace my brothers in Israel? Dip your balls, do it every night!
(Yalla yalla)
I’m getting laid!

You want more sisters in afghanistan, when it’s getting dark the liberals are heading down town.
Time to mix, time to mix, time to mix.


oooh it’s time to mix, extasy yes we’re going to mix. we just..
ooooh it’s time to mix, time to mix, time to mix. we just..
ooooh it’s time to mix, whole sweden now its time to mix
ooooh it’s time to mix, time to mix, time to mix

Grab a black man between your thighs and just..
Grab a white man between your thighs and just..
Grab a red man between your thighs and just..
Grab a yellow man between your thighs and just..

Ooooohh, sweden, now you now what you have to do..
You have to go home and like.. mmm.. mmm.. mmm.

Time to mix!

“I’m breaking up with you”

Feminism. That’s right, feminism is one of the many things that are destroying women in todays society. When I’m out walking, let’s say I’m at a mall, I always see these unfeminim, tatooed, trash-looking women. They are always there. I’m not saying all of them are, but those who are is a result of the propaganda we are being forced to take in by the television daily. Oh, and don’t forget those men, wearing little purses and wearing pink sweaters or trousers. Walking around with huge glasses, thin bodies and are over all not so manly. I think you’ve all seen them.

This isn’t natural. And this is the cause for why women and men divorce and break up and doesn’t get along as well as they used to. This is designed to destroy us.

If we look back in the time, we can understand why people back in those days had an easier time getting along then we do now. You see, first of all, it wasn’t socially acceptable getting a divorce, also it wasn’t very possible to do so because the women was relying upon men to support them. A woman couldn’t support herself. And it definately wasn’t acceptable to cheat. If you did any of these things you would probably be marked as a skank, or a whore or perhaps something even worse.

Second of all, marriage worked in a different way back then. It was a teamwork between a man and a woman, and both of them gained something out of their relationship. If the woman take care of the children, do the dishes, cleaning, baking while the man works and bringing home the food, both of them gained something, and both of them found a meaning with their relationship.

Nowadays, a woman can live on her own. She can support herself, she can even be a single mom and do just fine that way. Why would she need a man other than for emotional reasons or sex? She doesn’t. She doesn’t need a partner, she can go party with her friends while someone else is babysitting her child to fill that need. And it’s acceptable to do so nowadays.

Why would a man need a woman other than for emotional reasons or sex?He doesnt. He can just get some job, and go party with his mates, go have sex with that single mom who doesn’t need a partner and then be satisfied with just doing so. And this is also acceptable nowadays.

Clubbing, partying, consuming an enormous amount of alcohol, I hope that none of you are doing these things. Even though most people on this earth are brainwashed, you shouldn’t give up finding a partner. As I said in my first post, quitters are not welcome. You have to remember, our people must survive, and we must cooperate.

Some day in a distant future, I’m hoping that we can bring back the natural society for us. Where women and men work as a team, and where both find eachother useful for more reasons than sex. Everything that comes out of that TV is designed to destroy you, don’t get fooled. The best thing you can do is to shut it off immediately. No one is totally immune to the propaganda coming out of that thing.

Read books instead, do creative things with your time, make videos. Do whatever you want just don’t watch that TV.

Eat healthy, exercise, if you are a man this is especially important. Build up your strength. It is needed, and also women find it attractive of course, and we must turn more women over to our side. We must convince them that what is happening in the world is wrong. I’m a woman and I’ve realized that women are the ones that are probably the most brainwashed, and also the most needed. Women are the ones giving birth.

If you are a woman, then you should also do these things. Don’t go to McDonalds, instead, cook your own meals, it isn’t very timeconsuming really, you just have to stop being lazy, that’s all. Exercise, go for a run in the park or go to your local gym.

Activate yourself, don’t let this society dumb you down and make you lazy. Pinch yourself in the arm, shut off the TV, and go for a walk or make a nice dinner! We need strong people in our movement if we’re going to make it in the future. This is very important!

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Attack on the White Nations

I don’t know if you have seen the video, but it’s just brilliant!

Here it comes, the animated clip called Attack on the White Nations, portraying in a symbolic way how the jews got their power.

People that are White – UNITE!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Since this is my first post I will tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a tall blond-haired, blue-eyed nationalist young woman from Scandinavia. Ever since I found out about the jewish control over our nations I’ve been wanting to do something about it. I’ve never been a nihilist, I have never doubted what is good and what is evil, for me I find their actions wrong instinctively, and instinctively I want to engage.

I do not wish to speak to people who has given up, who think the power over our nations are far too overwhelming for us to do something about, that we are lost and that there is nothing to do about this problem. Quitters are not welcome here.

My biggest wish of course is that we wouldn’t have this problem, but that isn’t the situation. I think it’s time to unite, we can’t afford to have disputes amongst eachother because some doesn’t have the same opinion on how we should divide money etc. We must remember that we are all fighting for the same thing in the end, that we must have control over our own nations and that immigration and jewish influence and power is a problem. So every white nationalist out there, wether you are more right than left or vice versa, it’s time to unite. Everyone must cooperate if this is going to work out. Don’t talk behind others back, don’t patronize other movements because of some rumors in your own movements. It doesn’t matter if you think David Duke is the best or John De Nugent or Kevin Macdonald  or Michael Savage! The important thing is that you will live on through future generations and that your heritage will be preserved. We must exist in the future, and I think that every white nationalist agree with this.

I know that people are frustrated, why aren’t we doing anything? Why isn’t anything happening among us? Why haven’t the situation changed anything? Well, the process might be slow at the moment, but we must wait for the right moment to strike of course, meanwhile we must do what we can to have people join our side, and to spread the message. And this is what I want you to do. Spread the message. Hand out flyers, make videos, write a blog, do whatever you can, just don’t sit there doing nothing! As the individual you are, you have a responsibility towards your people, towards your nation. Maybe you are used to the society we’re living in. The lazy, non-caring, nihilist society where you don’t really need to involve in anything because you just don’t have the energy. Well, you know what, men and women out there, start doing something, be someone, be a person, play an important role, because a revolution isn’t just going to happen on it’s own. You‘re going to be in it, you‘re going to fight, and you‘re going to be needed.

Remember what I’ve told you.  People that are white – unite! Stop arguing about irrelevant things. Money and other politic is going to matter in a very far distant future, but until then we must win this battle between good and evil, and we must all involve, and we must all cooperate!

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned for more posts!

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