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The sexual peversion of our society

Gay is okay. At least that’s what they say. For not too long ago homosexuality was considered to be a mental dicease until it all of a sudden, out of the blue was concidered to be okay. Now we have all these gay-pride festivals with naked men and women dancind around with signs saying “PROUD TO BE GAY” and displaying  pornographic images. It’s insane. You can probably guess who is behind it. They had “proof” that it occured in nature, that it wasn’t something absurd, and that two male dogs could hump eachother or two male dolphins could have oral sex and therefor it should be concidered natural.

Well, you can’t compare animals to humans in that way, and you can definately not say that two dogs of the same sex humping eachother is homosexuality. When two males are “having sex”, that’s just a way of one of the males to tell the other male that he’s the one that is in charge and to remind him that it should be that way as well. It’s a sign of being dominant. In nature, that is. And this never occurs between two females.

Another “argument” for why it is okay to be gay is that in the ancient Rome, homosexuality was something that occured all the time and that everyone accepted that and if it was okay then, why shouldn’t it be now? Well, you know what. There were no “homosexuality” back then either. There were this sick men, often jews and some gentiles, who took these young boys home to have sex with. More known as pedophilia.

So now when I’ve talked about this I hope that we’re on the same page. Homosexuality isn’t natural. It’s pure propaganda. There’s more gay people than it has ever been before, ever since it was decided that gay is okay. And it’s increasing by each year! No, it’s not because “I was afraid to talk about it before” or some propaganda like that. It’s because of the propaganda that more people goes gay.

I’m not denying that there is people that actually are homosexual. I think there are. But I think that it’s a mental disorder just like pedophilia or necrophilia and so on. You want to know why I think so? Well, because man and woman are created for eachother, and everything that diverge from how we are designed isn’t normal. Don’t you agree?

It wouldn’t surprise me abit if soon pedophilia is going to be considered okay. And everything else for that matter. In fact, I was talking to this guy the other day, a total brainwashed idiot, who acutally said this to me;

“I think it’s okay to be a pedophile as long as you don’t rape children. As long as it stays in your head, everything is okay!”

And I replied; “You really think it’s okay if a man is watching your daughter and thinking about doing perverse things to her allthough he isn’t going to do it? Do you think this is normal? Don’t you understand that there is something wrong with the person who has these thoughts?”

And he answered; “You can’t control what a person is thinking right? And also, pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that man can’t do anything about it.”

I didn’t know what to answer to that. It’s just absurd. Pedophilia isn’t normal, it’s not a sexual orientation. That’s not how we were created, same with homosexuality. If this is what people in general are thinking then we seriously need to do something about it. The jews has influenced us with their propaganda that everything is okay and that you should be too tolerant for your own good.

It is these nihilist ideas that is tearing our society apart. Nihilists are people questioning the obvious, like for example, what if a friend of mine were about to commit suicide, and I said to the nihilist;

Oh no! My friend is about to commit suicide! Please help me prevent her/him from doing it!”,

the nihilist would answer; “Why? Everyone decides over their own lives, why should I prevent this person from doing something he/she wants to do? Why is it so wrong commiting suicide? What is good and what is evil?”

You see my point? White people in general are so brainwashed that what should be concidered absolute absurd instantly, isn’t. We need to wake people up!

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