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Party-princess or feminist?

I hate to admit it, but jews are quite clever. That’s why they are such a big threat to us. They made todays women go clubbing, having sex with randoms, getting drunk and acting slutty. They made white women into whores. Isn’t that just awful? Doesn’t it make you want to break that giant nose of theirs or put poison in their jewish food or just simply shoot them in the head?

Now here’s why they’re smart.. Of course all women doesn’t want to be slutty, some women have pride and doesn’t want to be disparaged, if that were the case then I wouldn’t sit here today. So the jews simply created an opposition to this, called feminism, which is also destructive. So now we have the sluts and the feminists and nothing in between. And the jews control both of these things. Either you are a feminist or you are a “party-princess”.

That is why I find it very important to reach out to women as well. To make them aware of that you actually can have something else than any of these destructive views. That there is something else. And that’s where I am today, I don’t really have a name for it exept for common sense. And when you make women realize this, they will feel that they belong to something, and not like an outsider for not wanting to be a feminist or a drunk partygirl. To have something that you belong to is very precious, and something that you need. To convert women to nationalism might sound like an enourmous task but just look at me. Smart women will realize if you tell them about this, and if they don’t then that’s just a proof that they don’t have the braincapasity that it takes to realize what is common sense and what is bullshit.

Also, I believe that women doesn’t really have the same instinct to protect. Men are more likely to realize what is wrong and what is right in this world and to know what to do about it and to feel this obligation to our people than women. Women are not made to protect, that’s what men are for, women are made for raising her children amongst many other things.

An example of this is, if the father of the family are a brainwashed idiot wanting more feminism and more immigration then the mother is more likely to think the same way no matter what her grown-up reasonable children tells her. If the father however changes his view and realize that this society is wrong, then the mother will change her view on things as well. The man has the leading role in the family.

Now women, can you honestly say that you would nowadays be a nationalist anti-feminist if a man hadn’t spoken to you about the issues in this society and made you realize these things?

This might be tough to hear but it’s true. It doesn’t make women any lesser intelligent that men, that’s just how we are created. But once we’re on the right side, we will stay there.

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