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“It hurts giving birth!”

Today, I opened the newspaper and I read this horrible article about a woman that wanted to sterilize herself.

“..and I’m sure that I don’t want any kids in the future. It’s not that I have anything against children, it’s just that the thought of having my own kids pretty much disgust me. I dont know why. I’ve been getting alot of these comments like ‘Why? Maybe you will change your mind about it in the future!” or “I was thinking the exact same thing in your age, but now I’m married with four children and I couldn’t be more happy!”. Well you know what, I know that i dont want kids in the future. I just know it. I’m sure I wont change my mind about this.”

Of course, this woman was white. And of course just another victim of propaganda. This article scared me, so I went to their websites to read the article again and see if it had got any comments. And it had. This is one of them;

“I sterilized myself the October 23, and I couldn’t be any happier about my choice! I’m 32 years old, and I know that if this is what you want to do, then you definately should do it! Good luck!”


There were other comments that said pretty much the same things as the comment above and I was so shocked that I felt that I just had to write about this. Propaganda like “It hurts giving birth”, or “Children are so much of a trouble, if you want children you will have to throw away your career and be tied up to your home for the rest of your life” is absolutely devastating to hear. Females of all species has been giving birth for as long as it has existed. Giving birth is nothing unusual. Giving birth might hurt but hey, your mother did it! Your grandmother did it! It is nothing weird about giving birth! It’s the meaning of life!

At the same time you see this tvshows about how good life can be without children, that you can still be happy without a family. Well, you know what. All that is just bullshit. To reproduce is the strongest instinct we have, and it is the meaning of your life, no matter how you twist it and try to look at it through a different perspective. The meaning of your life is to pass on your genes through your children, which is the result of you. A mini-you. Doesn’t that sound remarkable?

I haven’t got any children yet. But I will eventually, and I will have lots of them. Because this is the meaning of my life, and also I want the white race to live on. If an african mother can raise eight children on her own, then I can do it as well. Of course, I haven’t decided how many children I want, it was just an example.You must pass this information on to your friends, wife, girlfriend. They must learn that having children is a gift.

You can create a life, that is truly a miracle! Women out there must learn that there is nothing wrong, nothing absurd and nothing that ruins your life by having children. Having children is the beginning of your life.

Don’t fall for the jewish bullshit propaganda! Again, it is just designed to destroy us.

And you know what? The woman who wrote that article in the newspaper is only 27 years old….

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