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“I’m breaking up with you”

Feminism. That’s right, feminism is one of the many things that are destroying women in todays society. When I’m out walking, let’s say I’m at a mall, I always see these unfeminim, tatooed, trash-looking women. They are always there. I’m not saying all of them are, but those who are is a result of the propaganda we are being forced to take in by the television daily. Oh, and don’t forget those men, wearing little purses and wearing pink sweaters or trousers. Walking around with huge glasses, thin bodies and are over all not so manly. I think you’ve all seen them.

This isn’t natural. And this is the cause for why women and men divorce and break up and doesn’t get along as well as they used to. This is designed to destroy us.

If we look back in the time, we can understand why people back in those days had an easier time getting along then we do now. You see, first of all, it wasn’t socially acceptable getting a divorce, also it wasn’t very possible to do so because the women was relying upon men to support them. A woman couldn’t support herself. And it definately wasn’t acceptable to cheat. If you did any of these things you would probably be marked as a skank, or a whore or perhaps something even worse.

Second of all, marriage worked in a different way back then. It was a teamwork between a man and a woman, and both of them gained something out of their relationship. If the woman take care of the children, do the dishes, cleaning, baking while the man works and bringing home the food, both of them gained something, and both of them found a meaning with their relationship.

Nowadays, a woman can live on her own. She can support herself, she can even be a single mom and do just fine that way. Why would she need a man other than for emotional reasons or sex? She doesn’t. She doesn’t need a partner, she can go party with her friends while someone else is babysitting her child to fill that need. And it’s acceptable to do so nowadays.

Why would a man need a woman other than for emotional reasons or sex?He doesnt. He can just get some job, and go party with his mates, go have sex with that single mom who doesn’t need a partner and then be satisfied with just doing so. And this is also acceptable nowadays.

Clubbing, partying, consuming an enormous amount of alcohol, I hope that none of you are doing these things. Even though most people on this earth are brainwashed, you shouldn’t give up finding a partner. As I said in my first post, quitters are not welcome. You have to remember, our people must survive, and we must cooperate.

Some day in a distant future, I’m hoping that we can bring back the natural society for us. Where women and men work as a team, and where both find eachother useful for more reasons than sex. Everything that comes out of that TV is designed to destroy you, don’t get fooled. The best thing you can do is to shut it off immediately. No one is totally immune to the propaganda coming out of that thing.

Read books instead, do creative things with your time, make videos. Do whatever you want just don’t watch that TV.

Eat healthy, exercise, if you are a man this is especially important. Build up your strength. It is needed, and also women find it attractive of course, and we must turn more women over to our side. We must convince them that what is happening in the world is wrong. I’m a woman and I’ve realized that women are the ones that are probably the most brainwashed, and also the most needed. Women are the ones giving birth.

If you are a woman, then you should also do these things. Don’t go to McDonalds, instead, cook your own meals, it isn’t very timeconsuming really, you just have to stop being lazy, that’s all. Exercise, go for a run in the park or go to your local gym.

Activate yourself, don’t let this society dumb you down and make you lazy. Pinch yourself in the arm, shut off the TV, and go for a walk or make a nice dinner! We need strong people in our movement if we’re going to make it in the future. This is very important!

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