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People that are White – UNITE!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Since this is my first post I will tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a tall blond-haired, blue-eyed nationalist young woman from Scandinavia. Ever since I found out about the jewish control over our nations I’ve been wanting to do something about it. I’ve never been a nihilist, I have never doubted what is good and what is evil, for me I find their actions wrong instinctively, and instinctively I want to engage.

I do not wish to speak to people who has given up, who think the power over our nations are far too overwhelming for us to do something about, that we are lost and that there is nothing to do about this problem. Quitters are not welcome here.

My biggest wish of course is that we wouldn’t have this problem, but that isn’t the situation. I think it’s time to unite, we can’t afford to have disputes amongst eachother because some doesn’t have the same opinion on how we should divide money etc. We must remember that we are all fighting for the same thing in the end, that we must have control over our own nations and that immigration and jewish influence and power is a problem. So every white nationalist out there, wether you are more right than left or vice versa, it’s time to unite. Everyone must cooperate if this is going to work out. Don’t talk behind others back, don’t patronize other movements because of some rumors in your own movements. It doesn’t matter if you think David Duke is the best or John De Nugent or Kevin Macdonald  or Michael Savage! The important thing is that you will live on through future generations and that your heritage will be preserved. We must exist in the future, and I think that every white nationalist agree with this.

I know that people are frustrated, why aren’t we doing anything? Why isn’t anything happening among us? Why haven’t the situation changed anything? Well, the process might be slow at the moment, but we must wait for the right moment to strike of course, meanwhile we must do what we can to have people join our side, and to spread the message. And this is what I want you to do. Spread the message. Hand out flyers, make videos, write a blog, do whatever you can, just don’t sit there doing nothing! As the individual you are, you have a responsibility towards your people, towards your nation. Maybe you are used to the society we’re living in. The lazy, non-caring, nihilist society where you don’t really need to involve in anything because you just don’t have the energy. Well, you know what, men and women out there, start doing something, be someone, be a person, play an important role, because a revolution isn’t just going to happen on it’s own. You‘re going to be in it, you‘re going to fight, and you‘re going to be needed.

Remember what I’ve told you.  People that are white – unite! Stop arguing about irrelevant things. Money and other politic is going to matter in a very far distant future, but until then we must win this battle between good and evil, and we must all involve, and we must all cooperate!

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned for more posts!

Wish to contact me? Send an email to and I’ll answer as soon as I can!


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